How I Discovered My Love for Hostels

It wasn’t until recently that I had any experience with hostels. For so long, as I think is true with a lot of people, the word hostel conjured up somewhat negative images. The movie Hostel didn’t really help that idea either. Up until my last trip I had only ever stayed in hotels. Most of... Continue Reading →

4 Countries, 8 Days

Impulse is a funny thing. For some, it results in online shopping sprees, benders, haircuts, etc. For me, it resulted in an eight-day backpacking trip through four countries. My last solo trip was the product of over a year of planning. This time, I had three weeks. At first, the thought of not having a... Continue Reading →

How Layovers Become Future Destinations

Layovers are one of the most frustrating and time-wasting parts of travel, right? Not always! For the improvisational traveler or backpacker, layovers and transfers can become quick adventures to help you get even more out of your travels. Naturally, this doesn't apply as much to travel by plane as much as travel by train or... Continue Reading →

The Time I Visited Camelot

I know that I've said a million times how much I love the Middle Ages, but a lesser known fact about me is that I also love Merlin on BBC (I love Arthurian Legend and anything surrounding King Arthur.) It's cheesy, it's nerdy, I love it. It was while watching some behind the scenes videos... Continue Reading →

Answering Your Questions- Part 4

-What was your biggest culture shock? Honestly, I did not spend a whole lot of time with other people. The majority of my trip was me wandering around from city to city viewing the monuments. For the most part, the people I interacted with were mostly hotel receptionists/concierge, servers at restaurants, SNCF (France's main railway... Continue Reading →

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