Visit Europe In North America

It's no secret that I loved France. When I started looking through pictures of Montreal and Quebec, I realized that it's entirely possible to step into a little piece of French culture and history here in America. I'm more than excited for my next opportunity to cross the Atlantic but my budget is very tight... Continue Reading →

Quebecois Cuisine

Very few things excite me as much as food, which is why it's one of my top priorities when I travel. I think I probably spend more money trying local dishes than anything else. Though I try to grab pictures, it's nearly impossible because I dig in so fast. I left out a handful of... Continue Reading →

Chilling Out in a Nordic Spa

At the end of a long week of hiking and exploring Montreal and Quebec City, we wanted a day to relax. I had found a really neat looking Nordic spa online that had great reviews and seemed to be highly recommended by a lot of sites. They have locations in multiple cities but we figured... Continue Reading →

Why Canada Was Worth the Cold

Let's face it, winter is our time to book trips to the tropics. We like to escape the cold and sit on the beach with a nice tropical cocktail and soak up the sun. However, sometimes the cold can be worth the layers of clothes you'll have to wear. Canada is one place that's worth... Continue Reading →

Nature in Montreal and Quebec

It's easy to feel lost in the concrete, steel, and glass structures that make up a city. The big, impersonal buildings can sometimes start to feel claustrophobic. Living in New York, I often find myself needing a space to feel connected to nature again (luckily for me, Central Park is actually a pretty good place... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Anxiety in Montreal

Hooray from my first post from abroad! I'm writing this shortly after my friend Brandy and I walked home from the Grand Roue (big wheel) on the bank of the river in Montreal. I want to preface the next part by saying that at one point I worked rollercoasters in an amusement park and at... Continue Reading →

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