I’m Back Y’all!

After an extended break from blogging about travel (for obvious reasons), I’m back y’all! I’ll keep this article short because there’s not a ton to say about the issue. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still here and articles are forthcoming. I decided to stop writing on The Soul Knows No... Continue Reading →

How I Discovered My Love for Hostels

It wasn’t until recently that I had any experience with hostels. For so long, as I think is true with a lot of people, the word hostel conjured up somewhat negative images. The movie Hostel didn’t really help that idea either. Up until my last trip I had only ever stayed in hotels. Most of... Continue Reading →

Backpacking to Bremen

Germany has always been high on my travel bucket list. Growing up, we always thought our heritage was mostly German. That is until we began to dig into the records a bit more, as well as taking the Ancestry DNA tests and finding out we are much less German than we thought. Even so, the... Continue Reading →

Hiking to the Vikings

There are a ton of beautiful sites in Denmark. From the fjords, to the wetlands near Ribe and Esbjerg, to islands like Bornholm much of the natural beauty of the country is located on or near the water. Much of Denmark consists of flat terrain and there are no large mountain ranges. There are, however,... Continue Reading →

4 Countries, 8 Days

Impulse is a funny thing. For some, it results in online shopping sprees, benders, haircuts, etc. For me, it resulted in an eight-day backpacking trip through four countries. My last solo trip was the product of over a year of planning. This time, I had three weeks. At first, the thought of not having a... Continue Reading →

9 Tips for Travel on a Budget

Travel on a budget doesn't have to feel cheap. I'm getting ready to head to Europe again in a week and I figure now is a great time to share some of the ways I've been able to cut costs. Since leaving my serving job in November to start freelancing, income has been a bit... Continue Reading →

Laon: A Historic Scavenger Hunt

A historic scavenger hunt was not one of the things I expected when on a day trip to Laon, France. There were actually a few things I was surprised by. The stairs, the historic scavenger hunt, the view of the valley below. This ancient hilltop city captivated my interest right from the start. I arrived... Continue Reading →

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