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The dimly lit galleries of the Roman horreum under the streets of NarbonneA small segment of the Via Domitia, an ancient Roman road, in NarbonneThe front of the ruined Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-VignesThe Pont des Marchands over the Canal de la Robine in NarbonneThe flower lined passerelle over the lock system of the Canal de la Robine in NarbonneNarbonne 4

Instagram photo of myself sitting on the ramparts in Laon
From my instagram

A fountain in a small plaza downtown Narbonne

Plaque in Reims Cathedral marking the spot where Clovis was baptized
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The interior of the Cathédrale Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur

The ramparts and an ancient 13th century gate in Laon
The ancient walls of Laon

A street in Rouen full of half-timbered houses and the spire of a cathedralA narrow street lined shop in Narbonne covered with colorful kitesBoats and trees lining the Canal de la Robine in NarbonneA street in Chartres showing a mixture of architecture and the cathedral at the top of the hillThe alleyway through the old city of Narbonne next to the Palace of the Archbishop

The facade of the Reims Cathedral at dusk
Cathédrale de Notre Dame in Reims

A panoramic view of Narbonne from the palace of the archbishopA boat on the Canal de la Robine with the Pont des Marchands in the backgroundThe walkway next to the canal lined with trees and framed with rows of brightly colored kites

Instagram photo of myself before the #chartres sign and the Chartres Cathedral
From my Instagram
One side of the cathedral in Chartres lit up for the nightly light show
Nightly light show
The front of the UNESCO rated Amiens Cathedral at dusk
Cathédrale de Notre-Dame d’Amiens

Good King Rene's Chateau and castle on the banks of the Rhone in Tarascon

Facade of the Amiens Cathedral lit in bright colors for the nightly light show
Nightly light show

Row of medieval half-timbered houses lining the streets of Rouen in NormandyA medieval street in Le MansLe Mans 1Chateau de Pierrefonds used as the castle and citadel of Camelot on Merlin in Piccardie, FranceThe interior of the great hall in the Chateau de PierrefondsA view of the front of Chateau de Pierrefonds in Piccardie, France used as the castle of Camelot on BBC MerlinThe courtyard of the Chateau de Pierrefonds in Piccardie, France used for the show Merlin on BBCThe stained glass windows of the chapel in the chateau de Pierrefonds where Merlin was filmedA stairwell inside the Chateau de Pierrefonds leading up to a statue of a griffin.A statue standing in front of the staircase leading into the Chateau de Pierrefonds from the courtyardThe spire of a cathedral in Bordeau illuminated at nightAn illuminated bridge with many arches spans the river in Bordeaux at nightA triumphal arch in Bordeaux lit in blue, white, and redSun sets over the even and unbroken skyline of Bordeaux from the bridge over the riverA cathedral and spire in Bordeaux behind the riverThe river, bridge, cathedral, and spire in BordeauxA monument rises in a large empty gravel plaza in BordeauxA railway runs through an avenue of sycamore trees in BordeauxOne of the many ancient gates to the old city of BordeauxA cathedral and spire behind the river in BordeauxThe Place de la Bourse and the fountain in the plaza in BordeauxDSC_0372quebec 16quebec 15quebec 14quebec 19quebec 17quebec 18quebec 12quebec 11quebec 13montreal 11montreal 13montreal 12quebec 10quebec 9quebec 8quebec 7quebec 6quebec 5quebec 4quebec 3quebec 2quebec 1montreal 10montreal 9montreal 8montreal 7montreal 6montreal 5montreal 4montreal 2montreal 1montreal 3Hundreds of identical white tombstones lie in rows behind the sign for the Bayeux War CemeteryRows of white tombstones in front of the British War Memorial in the Bayeux War CemeteryA tombstone says a sailor of the 1939-1945 war in the Bayeux War CemeteryA sign saying their name liveth for evermore in front of rows of tombstones at the Bayeux War CemeteryThe arches and altar of the interior of the Bayeux CathedralVaulted ceilings in the Bayeux Cathedral with portraits and latin writing on each arch.Blue and green boats floating on l'Aure in the middle of the old town in BayeuxOne of two ancient watermills on l'Aure in the old town in BayeuxStreetlights and shops line the main pedestrian avenue running through the old town in BayeuxThe Bayeux Cathedral lit in orange and purple at duskCathedale de Notre-Dame in Bayeux lit in blue, purple, and orange at nightThe Tree of Liberty lit in purple at nightL'arbre de liberte lit in orange and purple at nightThe buttresses of the Cathedral of Our Lady in Bayeux lit in orange, blue, and purple at night

The Pont d'Avignon illuminated over the Rhone at dusk
Pont d’Avignon

Fort Saint-Andre on a hill in the distance surrounded by treesCrowds surround street performers on the busy streets during the Avignon Festival Off

The Palace of the Popes and surrounding plaza filled with street performers in Avignon
Palais des Papes

The Pont St. Benezet over the Rhone at duskThe Rhone surrounded by trees and the town and buildings of Avignon

The walls and gatehouse of Fort Saint-Andre from a distance surrounded by trees
Fort Saint-André

The imposing 14th century walls and towers enclosing AvignonThe ramparts of the city center of Avignon with scattered trees in frontTunnels recently dug under the ancient ramparts of Avignon to allow easier access to cars

Palais des Papes and the plaza filled with diners and street performers in Avignon
Palais des Papes

A gatehouse stands at the end of the Pont d'Avignon at duskAvignon 3The ramparts of the walls of Avignon and the bridge in the distance from a downward view over the river.Me dressed in boots and a rain jacket sitting on a large chunk of ice from the glaciers in IcelandLarge blue chunks of ice from the glaciers float by in a bay in IcelandMy brother-in-law kissing my sister on the forehead in front of the mountains on a black sand beachMy sister and brother-in-law in their wedding clothes facing the ocean and distant mountains on a black sand beachA deep gorge cut by a blue river running out to seaA lookout point over a gorge cut by a river in IcelandA narrow hole in the rocks leading to a hidden waterfallA sign saying Midfoss in front of the waterfall before a bend in the riverMidfoss tumbles down over the rocks into the river belowBlue water tumbles over the falls at Midfoss in IcelandA glacier creeps slowly down the mountainside in IcelandA wide blue glacier creeping slowly down a mountainside in IcelandAn unnamed waterfall and rapids along a dirt path in Iceland running along some cliffsOne of the waterfalls at Haifoss tumbling down into the deep gorge belowThe gorge into which Haifoss falls runs endlessly into the distanceOne of the falls in Haifoss tumbling down into the gorge surrounded by mist at the bottomMist shrouds much of the gorge that Gullfoss roars intoGullfoss tumbling down multiple falls into a valley below surrounded by mistThe imposing medieval chateau de clissonMy glass of wine and camera in front of the river, bridge, and castle of ClissonThe Pont de la Vallee crossing the Sevre nantaise in ClissonThe Eglise Notre-Dame from the ramparts of the chateau de ClissonA steep and narrow cobbled street between houses in the old city of Clisson

The religious murals painted on the ceiling inside the Eglise Notre-Dame in Clisson
The interior of the Eglise Notre-Dame

Purple fireworks over the chateau comtal in Carcassonne on the 14th of JulyA large crowd of people gathered on a bridge in Carcassonne for the fireworksMe swimming in Lake Annecy during the summerThe narrow shop lined streets of Mont Saint Michel at nightThe island of Mont Saint Michel lit up at nightInside the abbey of Mont Saint Michel during the nighttime lit tourCandles lighting the vaulted ceilings during the nighttime tours of Mont Saint MichelA candlelit vaulted gallery inside Mont Saint MichelA stairway lit up to look like stars and galaxies inside Mont Saint MichelMont Saint Michel 5The island of Mont Saint Michel during low tide at sunsetA seagull flies in front of the setting sun during sunset over the Bay of Mont Saint MichelSeagulls flying over the islands and the Bay of Mont Saint Michel during low tideThe cloisters of the monastery on Mont Saint MichelIMG_5129DSC_1855DSC_1851DSC_1847DSC_1837DSC_1791DSC_1877DSC_1863DSC_1817DSC_1839IMG_7066DSC_1440DSC_1434DSC_1433DSC_1425DSC_1414DSC_1411DSC_1364DSC_1357DSC_1310DSC_1302DSC_1300DSC_1291IMG_7049DSC_1242DSC_1274DSC_1272DSC_1270DSC_1542DSC_1518DSC_1476DSC_1448DSC_1527DSC_1524DSC_1471DSC_1452DSC_1534DSC_1516DSC_1503DSC_1446DSC_1493Saumur 4Saumur 10Saumur 8Saumur 3Saumur 2Saumur 5Saumur 1Arles 5Arles 6Arles 16Arles 11Arles 4Arles 18Arles 15Arles 14Arles 13Arles 7Arles 10Arles 8Arles 19Arles 17Arles 3Arles 2Arles 1Chartres 12Chartres 11Chartres 10Chartres 9Chartres 8Chartres 7Chartres 6Chartres 5Chartres 4Reims 14Reims 13Reims 12Reims 11Reims 10Reims 9Reims 8Reims 7Reims 6Reims 5Reims 4Reims 3Reims 1Amiens 13Amiens 12Amiens 11Amiens 10Amiens 9Amiens 8Amiens 7Amiens 6Amiens 5Amiens 4Amiens 3Carcassonne 25Carcassonne 24Carcassonne 23Carcassonne 22Carcassonne 21Carcassonne 20Carcassonne 19Carcassonne 18Carcassonne 17Carcassonne 16Carcassonne 15Carcassonne 14Carcassonne 13Carcassonne 12Carcassonne 11Carcassonne 10Carcassonne 9Carcassonne 8Carcassonne 7Carcassonne 6Carcassonne 5Carcassonne 4img_6741img_6740dsc_0851magret montreal

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