How I Discovered My Love for Hostels

It wasn’t until recently that I had any experience with hostels. For so long, as I think is true with a lot of people, the word hostel conjured up somewhat negative images. The movie Hostel didn’t really help that idea either. Up until my last trip I had only ever stayed in hotels. Most of... Continue Reading →

9 Tips for Travel on a Budget

Travel on a budget doesn't have to feel cheap. I'm getting ready to head to Europe again in a week and I figure now is a great time to share some of the ways I've been able to cut costs. Since leaving my serving job in November to start freelancing, income has been a bit... Continue Reading →

Travel Planning: Easy or Hard?

As of recently, I've been approached by a few people looking to plan trips and I'm totally flattered! I've also been asked how hard it is and how much detail goes into travel planning. I think the planning itself, in some ways, can be just as fun as actually going somewhere. If it wasn't apparent... Continue Reading →

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